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The two studios are teaming up to showcase new advances in volumetric video tools used to create digital humans as part of the VES’ ‘Creating Lifelike Digital Humans — Volumetric Video Capture Techniques for VFX Pipelines,’ set for November 12; registration is now open on Eventbrite.

Digital human technology studio Wild Capture has teamed up with Metastage, experts in volumetric capture for creating XR content, to showcase how visual effects professionals can produce high-quality digital humans with cutting-edge volumetric video technologies. The event takes place at the Visual Effects Society (VES) sponsored event, “Creating Lifelike Digital Humans — Volumetric Video Capture Techniques for VFX Pipelines,” on Saturday, November 12, 2022.
Event attendees will meet at the Metastage facility in Sylmar, California, for a brief tour and introduction to the performance capture stage and technology that delivers high-fidelity yet highly compressed 3D assets.  
Earlier this year, Wild Capture introduced its “Digital Human Platform,” which features the Cohort crowd-building and digital fashion tool that blends volumetric video, AI, and USD technologies to capture a lifelike live human performance.
The demonstration, created for the VES event, will be presented by Wild Capture CEO Wilfred Driscoll and COO Louis Normandi. The demo illustrates captured data of a single male and female performer translated into crowd actors with varying clothing/hair/props and secondary animation that can also scale to a complete crowd kit. In addition, the demo will look at the versatile techniques and practices for a range of users, including producers, on-set supervisors, artists/generalists, and technical directors, with a focus on cameras and lighting and how to work with captured data to deliver high-quality digital human assets for VFX pipelines.
“We’re excited to showcase the latest advancements in crowd technology for volumetric video and digital human content creation,” explained Driscoll. “With the promise of easy-to-use volumetric assets that deliver lifelike realism for high-demand VFX pipelines, event attendees will be able to see the time-saving and economic advantages of working with volumetric characters.”

Panel Discussion:
The afternoon event will include a panel discussion moderated by Martin Hall, VFX Supervisor, and VES board member, with members of the Wild Capture and Metastage teams to further demystify the benefits of using volumetric video technologies for feature films, television, and episodic workflows.
Event Schedule:
The VES “Creating Lifelike Digital Humans — Volumetric Video Capture Techniques for VFX Pipelines” event takes place as follows:
For additional details, visit the Visual Effects Society calendar page.
Source: Wild Capture
Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.
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