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All content creators realize that originality is essential. Remakes and reboots exist in Hollywood, taking advantage of successful older movies by overhauling them and presenting them for a new audience. Still, even these transformations typically fail unless they genuinely add something novel to the experience. If you write an article or create a video that’s a simple rehash of something someone else already did, not only will you fail to get value out of the piece you created, you may also run into reputation issues, becoming known as a plagiarizer.
But if you’ve been creating content for a little while, you may have hit a significant plateau. As a result, you might feel it’s exceptionally difficult to create work that’s truly original and differentiated from your competitors’ content.
Why is it so hard to create original content, and what can you do about it?
Let’s take a look at the problem from a ground level. There are many obstacles in the way of your original content creation and many sub-problems that need to be addressed.
For example:
With all these obstacles in the way, why bother trying to be original? Can’t you just copy your competitors’ tactics and still see reasonable results?
The short answer is yes, you can technically get decent results with mediocre content as long as you produce it steadily and you do your best to inform and entertain your readers. However, original content could give you an amazing advantage, setting you apart from the crowd and giving people something they genuinely want – instead of something that barely meets their minimum criteria.
So what steps can you take to create more original content?
Technology will help resolve the “original content” problem, at least in some ways. New ways of creating and interacting with content will emerge, stimulating the creativity of countless content creators and inspiring them to come up with fresh takes. But, of course, you can’t rely on this exclusively, so make sure you invest in content originality strategies that allow you to separate yourself from the pack and make better, more exciting appeals to your target audience.
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