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Facebook marketplace connects buyers and sellers. Facebook users who have an account can buy and list items for free. It’s a sales channel that both businesses and individuals can use. Plus there are no listing fees.
Got a Facebook business page? A business owner can use Facebook Marketplace for businesses. You get the benefit of real-time communication with your target audience through Facebook messenger, answering inquiries and questions in real-time.
Many categories of businesses can use this platform. Like those in E-commerce and retail, real estate, and automotive.

Why Your Business Should Sell on Facebook Marketplace

If you’ve got a Facebook page you can make Facebook Marketplace work for you. The marketplace and Facebook itself have almost 3 billion monthly users. It all began with Buy and Sell Groups that were launched in 2015. Now 70 countries use Facebook Marketplace.
There are some reasons why your business should be included.
Facebook supplies a step-by-step guide on the subject. If you’re looking to sell online it starts by tapping the marketplace icon. The instructions go through how to select a section and title and photos. There’s some other interesting information on how to edit a listing. Read the tips on how to meet people from the marketplace in person.
Facebook Marketplace has some product categories for business pages you should look at. You can add and delete them to buy and sell goods and services. There’s a list of different options below. These are listed by the retail items that are most popular.
Electronic devices are popular on any platform and in almost any marketplace. Remember Facebook Marketplace is synced with e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Check out the Facebook Pixel listings.


Subcategories here include music, movies, and books. An advantage here over other marketplaces is the personalized customer experience.


This marketplace category has a baby and kids items section. Photographs of items like baby bottles from different angles help to sell them.


Marketplace is already built into the application for Facebook. You can get it on the Facebook website and start selling. You can purchase everything from bicycles to auto parts and collectibles in this section.

Pet Supplies

The product listings should be complimented with a good pic for this marketplace section. The Seller Ratings from the customer base rank the services. These are based on price, descriptions, and other factors; all good metrics to make a sale.
There are buying and selling groups too. These Facebook Groups need to meet their commerce policies. Some features like rooms, chats, and anonymous posts are restricted.
Toy and Games is a group you can join. Search this group for items like family night board games and kids’ games to name a few. With a new listing, you should consider the shipping option. Click this link to find out if that’s an option in your location.
Placing Facebook marketing ads can do wonders for e-commerce businesses. There is no listing fee and after seven days you can renew a listing on your shop. If you create an ad in the Meta Ads Manager, it will appear in Marketplace too.
Remember to respond to your customers within two business days. That’s considered the timely manner to avoid purchase protection claims.

Using the Facebook App for Marketplace

Start by opening the app for Facebook on your smartphone. The More section on the top right of the screen will lead you to Marketplace.
Remember, there’s no official application for Facebook Marketplace. Check to make sure your smartphone can take high-quality photos. Here’s a link to the design recommendations to add photos. These help sales.

Tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace

This site lets you sell locally without charging fees to list. That’s one good reason to read the following tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace.

  1. Use Natural Light For Photos: Making sales on Facebook Marketplace means having good pictures. It’s best to use natural light and no flash for pictures. You don’t want to distort the colors. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, but don’t use stock images either.
  2. Don’t Forget the Dimensions and Details: Listing all the details is important. List all the dimensions and provide detailed descriptions. That includes pointing out any scratches, dings, or flaws. Transparency needs to be part of the listing details.
  3. Consider Using Facebook Ads: Here’s a link to get your products out in front of 2.6 billion potential customers.
  4. Make The Prices Competitive: Take a look at what the competition is doing before you click publish. Remember Marketplace buyers like to haggle. It’s a good idea to add a percentage to your lowest price so you can negotiate.
  5. Don’t Forget Search Tags: You can include up to 20 in each listing.

Is It Free to Use Facebook Marketplace?

There’s no listing fee. But you need to pay a selling fee. This comes out automatically when you sell something. It’s 5% on a shipment. Or, a flat fee of $0.40 on shipments totaling $8.00 or less.

Is It Safe to Use Facebook Marketplace?

Yes. But it’s a good idea to take a few precautions when using a peer-to-peer resale site. Here are a few ideas to keep your experience safe while making sales.

  • Don’t disclose information that is private like personal phone numbers.
  • Meeting in a public place is a good idea. Parking lots for grocery stores or gas stations are good choices.

Finally, try and stick to local transactions wherever possible. This limits the possibility you’ll get stiffed for the goods after making the payment.

Finally, here’s a complete guide to setting up your own shop.
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