In this new age when technology is at the centre of almost each and every single thing that we do, it is only natural that we can transform the way we work and earn a living.

Social media and communication channels have now made it possible for people from opposite parts of the globe to not only stay in touch twenty four hours a day, but to also be able to see, hear and experience each other’s worlds.

Keeping all this in mind, people from all over the world have started hiring people from other countries to work for them virtually, doing simple tasks, and paying them for the work done.


There are a large number of jobs that people can get and do online, the most popular are writing jobs, proofreading jobs and personal assistance jobs.

The nature of these jobs is such that requires work to be done, but does not necessarily require that the person performing these tasks be in the same location or even work in a proper office.

Virtual jobs allow a person to work from anywhere in the world, and do the work on their own time.

The key to being successful in their virtual job roles, is that people fully adhere to the timelines and deadlines that are set by the person who has hired them, once that is kept steady, the rest is pretty easy to handle.


When trying to make money as a personal assistant, and a virtual assistant to be exact, it is important to first understand and identify a few aspects.

The first is timings, you need to determine how many hours in the day or the week you can dedicate to being a virtual assistant.

Setting up your hours is a good way to start as it saves you from a lot of time wasted in negotiating deals and timings.

Once you have that settled, the next thing to do is determine what services you will be offering as an assistant. Read this to find 12 money-making niches for your Virtual Assistant business.

This is a tricky part as the main idea behind hiring an assistant is to have help with everything, however, this is not really possible when working virtually.

Therefore, establishing your niche is necessary, you an pick between being an organization and secretarial assistant, a writing and editing assistant or a note taking assistant.


Once you have established your niche, the next step is identifying markets and online workspaces where there is a popular demand for the skill that you have to offer.

This is a step that requires a significant amount of hard work and research, the down side of internet jobs is that people can easily fake their identities which makes it easy to get scammed, in addition to the fact that people also tend to make posts on popular sites for jobs and work as a means to get more clicks, and in turn also get page visits on their websites.

When looking for a market place, seek out some basic information, how the site verifies clients, the payment methods and protection terms. Once you are satisfied with that, you can start searching for positions.


After selecting a site that you are happy to work with, you then need to move on to make your profile.

This is your make or break step, because your profile is the only thing that will be the front line communication channel between you and the client.

It is pretty much like giving an interview, but in place of a conversation, the client will have questions in mind that he/she will seek answers for through your profile page.


When approaching customers, most market places allow the user to communicate with the client through a process of bidding for the project or job that they have posted on the site.

While bidding or even sending in an inquiry email or a proposal, it is important to make a good impression and to make it as professional as you most possibly can make, so that your proposal is noticed.

Try to make sure that if you add samples of your work that they are proofed well. Spelling mistakes or grammar errors can be a negative point.


In the virtual assistance and online job business a reputation and good reviews mean the difference between being successful or not getting any work at all, so it is very important to make sure you divide up your work in a method that helps you complete it and deliver it on time.