A good marketing plan is an essential part of finding success in our career as a Virtual Assistant.

This guide will serve to assist you on how to craft a good marketing plan your business.


When you are setting out to establish your own virtual assistant business or are looking to enter this career zone, the most important too that you will ever have at your disposal is your or your company’s web/profile page.

Check out some really good Virtual Assistant profile examples here:

The Barefoot VA
VA Staffer
This is the only thing that you have in your control to ensure that all the clients that you wish to work with, have access to the necessary information, the necessary overview and the necessary contact information that you wish to share with them.

When making your profile you need to keep an eye on a few key factors, the first of these is the flow and the outlook of your profile.

You should always bear in mind the fact that a color scheme of your profile is the first thing that a customer will notice, so try and keep that sober and tasteful, when people are looking to spend a significant amount of money to hire someone, they will want to see that you are mature and professional.

The next thing is your own information and in this section your profile photo is the next focus point. Make sure that it is not a casual or silly photo.

Take the time to take a good and clear picture, if possible seek the service of a professional photographer to help you with this, the professional impression that a good picture can make is very, very strong.

Spellings, grammar and links to some references or samples are needed and you are good to go, you can now start sending out your profile link to customers to get their attention and secure some job prospects.


The next thing you need in your marketing plan is to list down places and locations such as sites and advertisement posting where you can send out your own profile link and attract customers. Bear in mind that there is a fine line between sending out your profile and spamming in a bad manner.

Spamming is when you keep posting your profile links or keep emailing people non- stop in an attempt to get them to notice you and hire you as well. This will not only lower your chances with customers but rather they will get so frustrated by this constant behavior that you may end up on a block or black list faster than a blink of an eye.

Therefore, make a list of all channels, and then make a log of how many times you will email and approach them in a week and in a month.

That way you can keep it tasteful and meaningful as well. Another thing that you can do is check out job listing and based on the comments box and other freelancer comments, add your own comments and try to reach out to the customers that way.

It is good if they can see you in comparison to the others who have applied.

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The different job sites are a great way to start marketing yourself, you do not need to have a sales pitch or make a pitch to each and every clients listing however, and having a defined template to send out initial contact pitches is a good idea.

In most cases one of the common mistakes that people make is to send out generic listings when trying to market themselves that is ineffective because clients cannot related to general content.

Job post sites:


It’s a well-known that fact that referrals and word of mouth is important. People are 4 times more likely to buy when it is referred by a friend.

One great way to market yourself is to ask your existing clients to refer you to other people or on other message boards and sites that they frequently make use of during their day.

That is a good way to get some good leads and clients as many people prefer to hire people who are referred by friends or family members, and that way you have a better shot at getting good work deals.