Does your website lack new, fresh and creative content? When did you last have time to sit down and write an engaging article to feature on your blog? Content is the cornerstone of many marketing strategies today, generating inbound leads for businesses in a variety of different industries. If content marketing is done well, it can radically transform your bottom line.

Whether you are looking for an entirely fresh perspective or you just simply don’t have the time to write an article or blog post every week and so need someone to write to your specific instructions, one of our Virtual Assistants will help you.

Virtalent is home to a whole host of talented Virtual Assistants for article writing, content writing and blogging, as well as a number of talented Marketing VAs with a broader background in marketing. Whether you need new and regular articles or blogs written, or need your website pages rewritten with some creative content to attractive your next customer, our team have it covered.

It can be easy to regurgitate the same ideas and lose focus on what your customers really want to know or are interested in reading about. Why not set up a Skype call every two weeks or once a month (whatever works best!) to generate some new content ideas? Let your Virtual Assistant become a fully integrated member of your team by allowing them to bring their knowledge, insight and creativity into play.Having a ghost writer to carry out your article writing means you have more time to focus on other, perhaps more strategic or managerial aspects of your business, whilst a professional article and content writer can do the rest.

A Virtual Assistant for article writing will be a native English speaker based in the UK. They will have an excellent command of the English language and a true understanding of your audience’s culture. As such they will be able to create compelling content that truly engages and persuades your readers, without you having to check their spelling and grammar or rewrite their work.

All of our VAs are background checked by Onfido, an independent identity and background checking organisation, and they all pass through a rigorous selection process, so you can rest assured that we test their article writing and content writing skills before assigning them to your account.

Furthermore, if you hire a Virtual Assistant for article writing from Virtalent, you are safe in the knowledge that all our tasks are insured through Hiscox Insurance. Not to mention you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will work alongside your article writing Virtual Assistant, to ensure both you and your VA feel supported.

If you feel you could benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant for article writing, our Pricing Plans start at just £250 per month. If you have any further questions, why not book a free 1:1 consultation with one of the Directors to find out how a VA can help you?

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