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Amazon getting introduced in Pakistan has not only opened avenues for business owners and investors, but also for young students and freelancers who can now become Amazon Virtual Assistants.
An Amazon Virtual Assistant is an individual who is knowledgeable in building and growing an Amazon business and helps business owners and investors run their Amazon accounts successfully.
Through a good Virtual Assistant Amazon course, you can become a VA and be ready to offer a wide range of services that are a part of launching and selling a product on Amazon. For youth, becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant is a very lucrative option.
Business owners and investors can hire a single or a team of Amazon Virtual Assistants to help them launch and run their amazon stores. Below are a few aspects that Amazon Virtual Assistants cover and the value they create:
Handle Amazon Related Tasks: Running an Amazon store requires consistency for handling customers, which is why Amazon business owners often hire Virtual Assistants to take care of tasks like email responses, customer queries, and following up on orders.
Support and Convenience: There are a lot of technical aspects related to running an Amazon store, from keyword analysis, marketing campaigns, Photoshop, and product hunting to data analysis and SEO, etc.
For business owners and investors, it is much more convenient to hire Amazon Virtual Assistants to handle these tasks from pre-launch to after the launch.
This offers the ultimate support and convenience for Amazon store owners and allows them to focus on the important tasks associated with business growth.
Cost-effectiveness: Amazon Virtual Assistants have experience of working on multiple Amazon businesses; it’s more cost-effective for business owners and investors to get a VA on board at affordable rates instead of hiring an on-ground, in-office team that would cost more.
If you’re looking to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan, there are a wide number of options available and you can start earning in less than 90 days. To launch your Amazon Virtual Assistant career in Pakistan, there are a few guidelines you should follow:
Get the Right Training: If you would like to build your career as an Amazon Virtual Assistant, a good start would be to take a Virtual Assistant Amazon course to get the right training to build and develop the required skillset and gain hands-on experience.
A few areas of Amazon store management that you will need to acquire skills in include: Amazon account management; learning the tools for product research/hunting and product sourcing on Amazon;
tasks related to order management and fulfillment (for example, reviews, refunds, product inquiries, and returns); product listing management; Amazon PPC campaign management; product ranking and launch, to name a few.
Choose your niche: To determine your niche, you need to take a few variables into consideration. First, consider if you’ll be working solo or as part of a team of VAs; this will give you an idea of the extent of support you’re able to offer clients.
Next, consider which types of clients you will work with, whether you will work with them on an ongoing basis or a one-time project basis. Take account of any Amazon VA skills you currently have and further skills you need to acquire to work with the clients you want to target with your services.
Another important aspect to consider is to see how hands-on and responsive you’re looking to be. Gauge the kind of income you’re looking at to start and how you’re going to grow it over time.
Which VA Services will you offer: The nature and extent of services you offer your clients depends completely on you. You can excel at just one aspect like product hunting, copywriting or PPC advertising or you can also offer a couple of services.
While you’re considering which services to offer your clients, think of how common or unique they are and how you would position yourself and establish your value for being the expert in a unique skill area. This mindset will determine the demand for your services and expertise.
What will your pricing be: While you’re working on defining your services, consider your pricing structure. When determining your pricing, take into account that you’re a freelance subcontractor and not a permanent employee, so you’re primarily charging for your time;
freelancers don’t have any health benefits; consider overhead costs that you have to incur while being an Amazon Virtual Assistant, for example, internet, office expenses, software subscriptions, etc.
Build your Online Presence: If you’re aiming to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you will need to establish a strong presence online. There are a number of VA dedicated platforms and you can also capitalize on Fiverr and Upwork.
Make a professional, up-to-date resume that clearly shows your expertise, experience, and skills.
If you want to take your future and income into your own hands, start training to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant today!
Learn all the skills and secrets from a group of professionals so that when you’re finished with your training, you’re ready to launch your career as an Amazon Virtual Assistant.
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