Managing your personal Facebook account is easy. Well, even your granny knows how to log in, check her feed and post a picture, but is it really something that you can afford to with your business’s Facebook page? Absolutely Not!

If you really want to create a wide social reach for your business, it’s time to let the experts handle the job! Read on to know how our virtual assistants can build a strong awareness of your brand.

1. Plan, Create and Deliver
Your VA can chart out the next social media campaign for your business, jotting down your current engagement rate and prospective audience response. Furthermore, your VA will be able to deliver accurate reports on your social media KPIs, which can be a time-consuming task for you to do.

2. Populate Your Channels With Content
Your VA is your gold digger! VAs know how to curate better content for your social media so that you can effectively publicise your company events, new blog posts, and campaigns. They will schedule your posts in advance using appropriate tools, like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and track your social media metrics.

3. Engage With Your Audience
Why do celebrities and public figures spend their time and money on managing their social media? You know the answer! Even a single angry response left unanswered can turn your post into a violent controversy.
This is where your wingman, your VA can save you by setting up alerts on services like Tweetdeck, Google Alerts and These tools help them seamlessly monitor mentions of your brand across the internet, and get back to the public with suitable answers for their questions.