Twinenemy? Don Cheadle and Freddie Gibbs Trade Words on Social Media – The Root

What are some of the greatest beefs in the history of rap? 50 Cent vs. JaRule? Drake vs. Pusha T? Pac vs. Biggie? Nas vs. Jay-Z? Jack Harlow vs. Brandy?
Yeah, those beefs are cool and filled with some of the greatest diss tracks in the history of hip-hop, but I think there’s not one beef I’ve happily enjoyed more than the Don Cheadle vs. Freddie Gibbs feud. Don’t think Cheadle is a rapper? Just check out the music video for Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA.”
Before we detail the cause of this latest back and forth, let’s take a look back at what started this feud. In February, during Super Bowl weekend in Los Angeles, the two ran into each other. On Twitter, Gibbs detailed the encounter saying, “Nigga walked up to me last night and said, “people say we look alike” and it was Don Cheadle. The fucking goat.”
In response, Cheadle tweeted, “true story. Great meeting you, nephew. To be continued …”
On Tuesday, which was Cheadle’s 58th birthday, the funny interaction between the two entertainers continued. A fan tweeted a picture of the actor wishing him a happy birthday. The only thing is, he mentioned Gibbs, not Cheadle. The Indiana rapper retweeted in response and wrote, “Happy birthday to The Don, my mentor @DonCheadle.”
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Then, the feud was on.

Cheadle replied, “We gonna get it in one of these days, fam …”

If anyone is familiar with Gibbs and his presence on social media, he never backs away from a challenge. So instead of putting his head down, Gibbs continued the back-and-forth, tweeting, “I challenge you.”

Cheadle retweeted his response, writing, “You misunderheard my tweet, daddy-o!!” Jokingly, Gibbs tweeted back, “My bad.”

The Iron Man actor responded back, “Ya goofy bastard …”
Obviously, this all sounds harsh, but this was all done in social media fun, I hope. You be the judge, do the two bald-headed kings look alike? I gotta say, I see some similarities.


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