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UAE is one of the rapidly growing markets for IT companies of different kinds. One of these kinds includes software development which is attracting more and more developers to become entrepreneurs due to the rising demand for software development services across several industries. The best Software development companies in UAE prefer this market region due to different perks such as easier access to networking with other companies, the early stage of the rising competition in the segment, easily available human resources, lower salaries to pay compared to European or American markets, and more.
With such perks for the owners of the UAE software companies, there are benefits for clients looking for software developers as well. These perks include lower development costs, lesser competition in the region, and more. In this report, we are listing down some of the top Software development companies in UAE which are quite popular for their outstanding software development quality. However, before we start with the list of top software companies in Dubai or UAE, it is crucial to understand the factors that affected our picks of the companies for this list.
These factors that we are listing down further are helpful for us in filtering out the best software developers across the UAE region. So, let’s have a look at them before we move on to the actual listing-
One of the leading top software development companies in Dubai, Blink22 was founded in 2015. Currently, the team at this one of the best software development companies in Dubai consists of over 50 experts from design, development, and other such backgrounds who have delivered high-quality software solutions to small, medium, and large-scale companies. Some of the leading industries in the clientele of this one of the best software development companies in Dubai are supply chain, logistics, and transportation among others.
One of the leading Dubai software companies, GCC Marketing was founded in 2009. This one of the top software companies in Dubai has a range of experience including projects such as custom ERP solutions, web application development, eCommerce development, web design & development, and more. The leading software development company in UAE also comes with budget-friendly development costs which are suitable for businesses of all scales including small, mid, and large companies.
Founded in 2013, this one of the top custom software development companies is a leading software development destination for companies from various industries including e-commerce, real estate, IT companies, retailers, and more. As per the clientele report of this software company in Dubai, 60% of its client base includes small companies. Thus, proving that its development costs are budget-friendly for even small companies or startups. This software development company in UAE can help you at every stage of development including brainstorming, product planning, designing, development, testing, and upgrades.
One of the leading software developers in Dubai, Branex LLC has delivered over 686 projects with 50 in progress currently. The software developer company was founded in 2005 and since its inception, it has built an extensive portfolio that includes small, mid, and large-scale enterprises. Branex LLC can help you with custom software solutions, web design and development, mobile app development, MVP, DevOps, UI designing and development, eCommerce development, and more. Additionally, this option of software development in Dubai has a clientele of over 50% of small businesses, 30% of mid-scale companies, and 20% of large enterprises. Additionally, industries such as eCommerce, education, and medical are the top three segments that have found this one of the leading Dubai software companies trustworthy for their projects.
Another top name in this Dubai software company list, Zoondia can help you in building your software within competitive budgets and with leading quality standards. The software developer company has experts in building iOS apps, Android apps, web applications, windows applications, and more. From brainstorming to integrating leading technologies such as open-source, cloud, big data analytics, IoT, Frontend, and more, Zoondia has built a reputation as one of the most affordable options in the list of software companies in Dubai. Zoondia’s clientele base includes 50% of small companies, 40% of mid-scale companies, and 10% of large enterprises.
One of the best Software development companies in UAE, the company has an extensive catalog of more than 2,190 clients that includes companies from industries such as textile, fire, safety, construction, automotive, manufacturing, and more. Founded in 2002, this one of the top 10 software companies in UAE has built its client base in countries like UAE, the UK, India, and the Middle East among others with a history of working on over 2,700 projects with the help of 80+ technical experts. This one of the top software development companies in Dubai is also the perfect solution for companies looking for budget-friendly service providers in the UAE market.
This leading software company in Dubai was founded in 2018 and has a 100% client base of small companies. The budget-friendly software development company in UAE is helpful for web development, software development, app marketing, business services, and more. The team members at this software development company in UAE include experts who are fluent in English and Arabic languages and have done some of the leading quality projects that drove growth for previous clients.
This one of the top Software development companies in UAE is a famous custom software development destination for a range of businesses of different sizes and industries. The software developer company works with a vision to keep projects budget-friendly without sacrificing the quality, build software fast, and keep communication at every stage of development clear. The software development company was founded in 2018 and offers a 100% refund for not delivering the expectations of its clients. Chacra Software Solutions is also one of the leading UAE software companies with a 100% client base consisting of small companies proving that it is a perfect tech partner for empowering the organization.
Founded in 2004, this one of the top software companies in Dubai was founded in 2004. The company has worked on over 50k jobs for 20+ industries with an expanding client base across more regions in Asia, North America, South America, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. Stylemix FZ-LLC is also one of the top 10 software companies in UAE well known for their WordPress optimization that drives growth for the organization using it. Additionally, as per the clientele data of this one of the best Software development companies in UAE, 25% of its clients are from the automotive industry, 25% of its clients are from the education sector, and 15% of clients are from the advertising and marketing industries.
Dubai-based one of the leading software developers in Dubai, Wisdom IT Solutions has established itself as a trustworthy and high-quality tech partner for all scales of organizations whether they are small companies or large enterprises. The leading provider of software development in Dubai, this organization has a great reputation for building software solutions for small businesses and mid-scale companies. 80% of the client base of this software development company includes small businesses while the rest of 20% is covered by midscale organizations. Some leading industries in the clientele of Wisdom Information Technology Solutions are eCommerce, education, healthcare, media, and Automotive among others.
The process of software development requires a detailed roadmap to make the best out of the development process without wasting time or resources in the process. To achieve that goal, developers prefer to prepare a plan for each phase of the software development before it is kickstarted. Some factors to consider in an SDLC are budgets, time allotted to each phase of the development, number of people working on the project, development practices and technologies to consider, and more. There are a few steps involved in preparing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Here’s a list of these steps-
Software Development Life Cycle
From the cost perspective, the UAE market could be a cheaper alternative to markets like Europe or America. However, there are several factors that influence the costs of software development projects. Let’s list down these factors influencing the cost of software development first-
Tentatively, hiring a software company in Dubai can have various types of costs as well depending on your other requirements such as app marketing, amount of data required, type of server used, and more. Thus, it is critical to have a clear roadmap prepared in advance along with enough budget to ensure the software development process remains smoother from the beginning to the end. For your reference, we are including the expected development costs in the UAE market before we wind up this blog.
software development process
These companies for software development in Dubai and other parts of UAE that we shortlisted above have gone through an in-depth review process to secure a spot for them here. All these UAE software companies are examined by MobileAppDaily experts to check the history of their client portfolios, reviews, types of projects they worked on, the average number of users visiting their products, and more to ensure that you only have the best yet budget-friendly options at your fingertips. We hope that our research will help you in locating the right software developers in Dubai and other cities of the UAE who can build the software just like you want while also ensuring that your project empowers your business when developed and deployed.
Lastly, you can also list your company among the top best Software development companies in UAE or any other relevant report of companies published on MobileAppDaily by submitting your company data for review. If qualified, your company can have an opportunity to be visible to a massive audience base of MobileAppDaily which includes business leaders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and more.
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