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Business ideas 2022 – Do you want to start your business but don’t want to invest big capital? If yes, here are 10 Low investment small business ideas that you can start easily in 2022.
These business ideas can also be adopted part-time in the beginning and once it grows you can convert them into a full-time business. It means these business ideas have high potential. You even don’t need big office space to start these businesses most of the business can be started from ideas 2022So, continue reading till the end to know about low investment small business ideas and ways to start them.
Drop shipping is a simple yet very powerful business idea. In simple language, it is an online reseller business idea. In this business, you need to keep any product inventory. You just need skills for marketing products online. You can easily earn 25000 rupees per month by doing this business.
How to start drop shipping business?
In this way, the product will never pass through you. This means you need to worry about storing them but you can earn a hefty commission by selling them via your social skills.
The delivery business is an attractive business model. You can start a company that delivers essential items such as food groceries at the doorstep and earn a commission. You might have the name of the delivery company such as Dunzo, We Fast. They provide services in big cities. But, do you know that small shops owners struggle a lot for item delivery in small cities. You can take advantage of this opportunity and start your own delivery business in your city. You can charge Rs.40 to Rs.50 per delivery.
How to start Delivery Business?                                                                                  .
At the initial level, you need a small moped and one delivery boy. Once your business grows you can employ more delivery people. You can start your website or even launch your mobile app and convert your idea into startup.
Process Vegetable Delivery is a new business but growing rapidly. It is low investment business idea that can be started easily from home. Process vegetable is nothing but ready-to-use vegetables (chopped vegetable) for making food. You can earn around 30000 rupees per month by doing this business.
How to do Process Vegetable Delivery Business?
Renting own item and earning revenue from it is next on the list. There are many items with us which can be rented and revenue can be generated. Items such as a vehicle, play stations, books, laptops, computers, or even cameras can be given on rent. You can generate good revenue by giving these movable assets on rent. You must be thinking that it is a tough business idea, but if you have visited goa you might have seen people taking a bike for rent. You might have also seen website Flyrobe that rent a cloth online.
How to start Rent Own Item Business?
Make sure to take deposit and mention terms that up to what period it is given on rent and what amount is payable in case of damage.
It is an era of digital marketing and most businesses are looking for a proven digital marketing agency that can help businesses to grow. These digital marketing agencies promote local businesses online by using online advertisements such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, WhatsApp or even SMS marketing.  You can do this business for offline business or even online business.
digital marketing business 2022
How to do Digital Marketing Business?
You will need a creative graphic designer and writer for creating advertisements. You also need technical knowledge about creating and promoting advertisements online. You can also opt for a digital marketing course available online.
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Providing Voice Over services and earning money is next on the list. Voice over means reading a script and providing high-quality audio to the client for fix money. If you have good voice quality you can easily earn 25000 Rupee per month via this idea. Follow the steps given below to start your voice-over services.
How to do Voice Over Business?
You can start voice-over part-time. Many YouTubers opt for voice-over services.
Online Gift Hampers selling is a low investment business idea. This service is trending right now on social media such as Instagram. You might have seen many online pages where people are selling services for gift decoration or gift hampers. This business has a very good profit margin.
How to start Online Gift Hamper Business?
Once you get success in this business, you can start your own online e-commerce store of gifts.
Healthy meal delivery business is next on the list of low investment business ideas. People are becoming health conscious they are joining gyms and ready to spend money on healthy foods. You can grab this opportunity and start your own healthy meal delivery business.
How to do Healthy Meal Delivery Business?
Initially, you can start this business at a lower level and once it is popular you can make your own website and app.
Indoor plant selling is a popular and trending business idea nowadays. Many people are looking for decorative indoor plants at their homes and offices. This type of product cannot be purchased from an e-commerce company like Flipkart or Amazon as it is a live plant. You can start this business locally and generate big revenue.
How to do Live Indoor Plants Selling?
You can also sell additional services such as gardening, maintenance. Additionally, you can sell decorative flower pots or gardening tools.
HR recruitment is one of the best and high-profit margin businesses. In this business, you will act as the middleman between recruiter and job seeker. Your task is to connect the recruiter and job seeker. Once recruitment is done via you, you will get a commission.
How to start HR recruitment business?
You can also charge money from job seeker candidates. Once your business grows you can start your website. You can do this business from home also.
Final Words
I hope these low investment business ideas will help you in starting your own business. So, what are you waiting for start your own business right now?
If you have any doubt about starting a business you can post it in the comment section. If you have a low investment business idea that you want others to know, post it in the comment section.
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