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Telfar‘s blind pre-order marketing concept is sweeping the internet.
The unisex apparel label recently revealed its new marketing strategy on its social media handles. In the released promotional video, the brand announced a bag collection in collaboration with an unnamed entity. However, it kept the collection hidden, with all the bags pixelated in the video.
The details of the collection and the collaboration were selectively disclosed by Telfar. The label revealed that it would be joining forces with an unnamed body for the release of their four-piece collection. Based on the teaser video, the secret collaborator seems to have a red logo.
Items will be available for pre-order from March 25 onwards.
The three-phase launch will officially commence on March 31. For the first phase, the medium and large models of the mysterious collection will be dropped. Next on the list are the smaller models, which are scheduled for April 4. A small piece will then drop on April 8.
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Telfar’s blind pre-order marketing idea has impressed both fans and neutral social media users.
The brand, which is known for its innovative ideas, left the internet curious with its blurry pixel bag images.
Many fans lauded Telfar’s marketing and publishing team, calling their blind pre-order idea “impeccable” and “brilliant.” Others said the company had the “dopest marketing ever.”
Some fans asked if they would be allowed to attend the label’s pre-order event. One wrote:
Others even commented that they were setting aside money to purchase the mysterious pre-order pieces.
However, most of the netizens were busy speculating about the bags hidden behind the pixelated images.
Telfar was founded in 2005 by designer Telfar Clemens, a queer, Black designer hailing from Queens, New York.
The brand has earned a massive following over the last couple of years, with its shows being heavily attended and extensively covered.
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