Be it staying touch with friends to sharing your life stories and looking for items to shop on Facebook, social media has become an integral part of our lives.

The same holds true for business. From creating awareness about products and services to getting people to follow your brand with the hope that they will eventually buy your product some day, social media can help businesses in myriad ways.

Most people tend to think social media is all about posting witty content each day. Actually there’s more to social media than just that.

It’s about building a strong image for your brand in the minds of the people and creating awareness about your products/service amongst the audience. After all, that’s where around 2.55 billion people reside. Effective social media management requires a lot of time and consistent effort which most business owners don’t have.

If you are a business owner and want a robust social media presence but simply don’t have the time or resource for it, fret not for you’re at the right place!

At Ninja VA we offer complete social media assistance. Our social media virtual assistants can help you schedule and manage posts across all social media profiles, respond to comments, follow relevant groups and create campaigns to promote your products.

Our Social Media Virtual Assistants are not just assistants, they are communication specialists who interact with your audience on behalf of your brand. They are the face of your company!