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A report published by Semrush analyzes the small business categories and queries on the rise.
A new report from Semrush reveals searches related to small businesses, particularly ‘opening’ a small business, are on the rise.
The report details the business categories and specific search queries gaining traction and offers insight into what areas of marketing businesses are investing in.
Data in the report is based on the keyword and search volume intel collected by Semrush.
After analyzing the traffic growth trends to organic search performance over time, Semrush shares which small business categories manage to do better online.
Here are some key highlights from the report.
Looking at search volume for various searches that indicate an intent to open a business, the report finds:
While general interest in starting a small business is spiking, search volume indicates aspiring business owners are looking to open boutiques:
Analyzing search trends across regions, the report finds:
Half of all the top small business-related searches are related to financing.
Here are the top queries, ordered by average monthly searches:
Keyword stats indicate small business owners try to embrace all the up-and-coming trends:
The report finds the average traffic growth for small businesses across the board was 2900%.
Semrush states:
“This means that over the past 4 years, most of the websites within our client list managed to expand their visitor base.”
Small Business Search Trends On The Rise In 2022
The report explores which small business site categories have the largest share of high-ranking organic keywords.
Here are the categories listed in order, followed by the median number of organic keywords where the domain ranks in the top 10
What’s interesting to note here is how the top 10 categories by high-ranking keywords don’t line up with the fastest-growing site categories by traffic. Semrush suggests this could mean ranking for a high number of keywords might not directly lead to traffic growth.
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