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Find unique gift ideas and support local business owners while you’re at it.
Holiday shopping season is here, and while Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer major savings, those two days aren’t the only opportunities to find gifts for everyone on your list. If you’re looking for unique gift ideas this year, consider shopping during Small Business Saturday (November 26!), an annual savings event that sheds light on local stores amidst the busy shopping season. The benefits? Most small businesses sell products that you can’t get anywhere else — whether online or in person. Plus, it’s a great way to both surprise your loved ones and support small business owners at the same time.
If you’ve never shopped on Small Business Saturday before, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, we break down what you need to know about its history and how to find your local participating businesses. We also rounded up 30 of the best small businesses that will provide your holiday shopping season, and tidings, with equitable cheer. You’ll find everything from candles to cocktail sets to a puffy-sleeved dress from small businesses that are making their mark in their respective industries, including Caribbean Craft, Carlota, In Kidz and Loisa:
Perfect for the toddler or tween in your life, these heart-shaped earrings will show your love for them. They feature screw backs for a tight and efficient hold and come in 18K gold-plated brass.
If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that packs a bold message, look no further, Effie’s Paper has you covered. The brand, founded by Kalyn Johnson Chandler, was inspired by Chandler’s maternal grandmother, who thought that women should be able to write amazing thank-you notes. The brand carries a range of planners, notebooks and travel mugs that will help you spread a powerful message.
Remi Brixton launched her Freck Beauty line in 2017 with the intention of reclaiming and celebrating freckles. The brand’s Holiday Duo includes two of its best-sellers: the Lashrocket Mascara and the Freck OG (which helps create false freckles).
Dubbed the “original tastemaker,” Tom Bullock’s is a brand that makes a stainless steel essential cocktail set including a shaker, stirrer spoon, ice tongs, strainer and jigger. As the inspiration for the brand, Tom Bullock was one of the most influential bartenders from the 1910s and was known for tending the prestigious St. Louis Country Club.
Kenny Luna is Dominican and Peruvian-American, while his wife is French. Scott Hattis is white and his wife, Anna, is Dominican-American. They are all the owners of Loisa, a brand that makes popular Latin spices and sauces for home cooks. The signature flavor trio includes classic Sofrito sauce, organic Sazón seasoning and organic Adobo seasoning.
If you’re looking for a fun decorative piece that will prompt curiosity, then think about supporting Caribbean Craft for Small Business Saturday. Founded by Magalie Noel Dresse in 1990, the brand focuses on creating products that celebrate the beauty of Haiti through artisan crafts.
Joey Wong created this jewelry brand to offer high-quality, natural pearl jewelry at a more affordable price. The Kuro Necklace features a half-and-half 18K gold-plated cubic chain and freshwater pearls with a black heart charm for a timeless accent.
Designed for the athlete’s daughter Alexia Olympia Ohanian Jr., Qai Qai is a viral Instagram sensation brought to real life. The doll is suitable for ages 3+ and makes the perfect gift for any of your small loved ones.
If you’re looking for a gift that will help green thumbs flourish, check out this Kitchen Herb Garden Kit from Hortiki Plant. The Etsy shop sells curated plant sets that will get beginners acquainted with gardening or introduce advanced gardeners to fun new plant options.
Try this African Marula Hair Oil from Brown Butter Beauty to strengthen your hair and keep your scalp healthy. It claims to repair dry, damaged hair and includes a host of essential oils and ingredients that your hair will love.
This fun, adorable game by Kemi Tignor helps teach kids about the barbershop and helps them build memory skills at the same time. It’s a perfect screen-free gift for the little ones this holiday season.
It all started when CEO and co-founder Zane Wilemon took a flight to meet co-founder Jeremiah Kuria in Kenya. The two formed a powerful friendship, which led to Ubuntu Life’s creation. The brand creates shoes, bags and jewelry to provide sustainable and meaningful employment for its community. These mules come in multiple colors and incorporate leather and a natural jute sole for a pair of comfortable and breezy shoes.
There are beautiful differences in our cultures, and In Kidz seeks to amplify that message in a fun way. The brand, established by Zabina Bhasin, sells a broad range of activity sets and toys that help children learn about cultures. This kit teaches kids about Dia de Los Muertos and the Spanish language. It also includes sugar skulls, puzzles, flags, language flashcards and more.
CLR Los Angeles celebrates the fun and luxury of color. The brand was launched in 2020 by a team of women, LGBTQ+ people and people of color. It sells a rainbow line of candles that have signature scents to match each color, like the warm and spicy yellow candle with notes of water orchid, basil and patchouli.
Brandon Blackwood is a fashion sensation whose handbags have graced the arms of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Normani. From box bags, like the one featured here, to shoulder bags and crossbody bags, this brand literally offers any type of handbag you can think of. This option is a box bag covered in rhinestones, perfect for those looking for a little extra flash and flair.
Marabou Designs is owned and operated by Brandy Brown. The entrepreneur started the business almost 20 years ago with a focus on creating a new narrative around Black art and the conversations around these pieces.
Wearing your blanket all day sounds fun, right? This option from The Comfy comes in multiple colors and is made of microfiber and sherpa. This creation has also appeared on Shark Tank.
Founded by novelist Tanaïs in 2014, the eponymous label sells socially conscious, colorful and stylish goods. The Heart Chakra Candle has scents of cannabis, jasmine, neroli, pink grapefruit, wild white pine and rose petals for an intoxicating and balancing fragrance.
For any beauty guru on your list this shopping season, gifting this portable lighted mirror will earn you many brownie points. It comes with three brightness levels and also comes with a stand so they can perfect their look on the go.
Lisa Li, the creator of The Qi, founded the wellness brand on time-honored Eastern holistic healing wisdom. The Special Connection Set includes a glass server, two small glass cups with gold rim, a bamboo tong and nine individually packed tea flowers for a tranquil setup.
Founded by Busayo Olupona, Busayo specializes in selling garments that use Adire, a traditional Yoruba textile dyeing technique, in modern ways. The brand features darling dresses and separates that will add a colorful pick-me-up to your wardrobe.
These liner mats are optimal for the grill and the oven. Simply lay them in the bottom of either to catch all of the food droppings and crumbs that escape during your cooking.
With innovation and sustainability in mind, Swane Design offers its Barigo ceiling lamp that will add a rustic vibe to any room. It comes in many colors and pulls inspiration from Senegalese influences.
For a more robust and masculine scent, try putting these fragrance oils into your essential oils diffuser. This set includes six options, including Leather, Sweet Tobacco, Teakwood, Bay Rum, Cedar and Sandalwood.
For the chefs in the family, LEVO sells a herbal oil and butter infusion machine that’s sure to make a great gift. The machine allows you to infuse herbs into anything— like oil, butter, honey, or vegetable glycerin and all it takes is a few button presses. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t use solvents, additives, or emulsifiers.
Craft and Kin creates a line of candles made specifically for men. This option smells like smoke and vanilla for a hearty and soothing scent. The brand also hand-pours its candles and uses a wooden wick.
Electric scooters are known for their ease and speed, and Gotrax has an option. The XR Elite electric scooter is foldable and has a 300W motor. Also, the scooter uses a disc braking and anti-lock braking dual system to help maintain responsive braking.
The Aluminum Whipped Cream Dispenser from EurKitchen is great for all of your whipped cream needs this holiday season. The canister comes in black aluminum, black stainless steel, and silver. It includes three stainless steel nozzles and a cleaning brush for easy usage.
It all started when Zane Wilemon took a flight to meet Jeremiah Kuria in Kenya. The two formed a powerful friendship, which led to them co-founding Ubuntu Life. The brand creates shoes, bags and jewelry to provide sustainable and meaningful employment for artisans in Kenya. These tote bag comes in multiple colors and incorporates leather, cotton and canvas for a functional and stylish carry-all.
Sitting at a desk for an extended period can take a toll on your legs. DeskCycle created an under desk bike that’s great for physical therapy and exercising your legs during the day. It’s silent and has eight different resistance levels to help build strength. The machine is adjustable and lets you track speed, distance, and more.
For those moments when you only want half of an apple, Food Huggers are a rescue. These silicone huggers can stretch to fit foods like onion, tomato, cucumber, apple, lemon, cheese, zucchini, and banana to help keep them fresh and help to eliminate food waste.
If you’re a pizza lover, this outdoor pizza oven kit from Bertello should be on your list. Founded by Andy and Eric Bert, Bertello sells a range of wood-fired and gas-operated ovens that strive to help you make a delicious pizza. This option is gas, wood, and charcoal-fired, and it includes a gas burner, pizza peel, and a wood tray for the gas burner.
Small Business Saturday has become one of the hallmark sale events of the holiday shopping season. Originally organized by American Express in 2010, the shopping extravaganza is observed every year to help shine a light on small businesses that may be overshadowed by big box retailers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The mission behind Small Business Saturday is to encourage consumers to funnel dollars into local establishments and celebrate small business owners and all they do for their communities. New for this year, AMEX is teaming up with TikTok on a #ShopSmall accelerator. Beyond your hometown, many of the brands we see while scrolling social media and even Amazon are qualified as small businesses as well. While there are endless small businesses you could shop online, we’re especially looking forward to shopping Black-owned, Latinx-owned, AAPI-owned, Indigenous-owned and women-led businesses online this Small Business Saturday (all of the brands featured on this list are diverse-owned).
Historically, Small Business Saturday takes place the last weekend in November, nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It happens during this time because it’s one of the most popular shopping periods of the year. Small Business Saturday 2022 is coming on November 26, 2022.
Small Business Saturday takes place across the country, whether you live in a bustling city or a small town. There are likely small businesses in your community that you don’t know yet, so try using the American Express locator app to find places to shop near you.


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