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Organised, dynamic, and highly skilled, you’ll find a project manager at the heart of every major development, whether that’s a new skyscraper adorning your city’s skyline, a national policy rollout, the latest app dominating screens around the world, or an innovative approach to delivering healthcare. More than ever, our society needs effective project managers – people who are prepared to think big, push the boundaries, challenge social norms, and create lasting change across a wide range of industries.  
If a career in project management or project innovation captivates you, there’s no better place to get started than here at Bond University. Our academics have extensive industry experience, which means they’re well-placed to build your knowledge and prepare you to take on your chosen sector and career. With a range of practical opportunities and work placements right at your fingertips, you’ll also gain real world experience before you’ve even graduated – putting you ahead of the pack.  
Whatever your dream industry or career aspirations are, a project management or project innovation qualification will set you up not just to succeed, but to transform, rebuild, motivate, and inspire.
Study the latest, most innovative frameworks and approaches to project management. Our programs are professionally accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
Combine your project management studies with another degree to maximise your career potential, or to become a leader in a specialist field.
Undertake industry placements and work experience to prepare you for the current career landscape.
Pursue the qualification that suits you best – our project management programs encapsulate bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and master’s programs.
For those who want to lead the change, and know there’s a better way to do it.
Project management is one of the most sought-after skills a graduate can have.
By 2027, the world will need 88.7 million project managers.
With project management skills in increasing demand, project managers have a sought-after skill set possessed by few.
Project management extraordinaire Professor Greg Skulmoski unpacks the necessary traits for success in this highly in-demand career.
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