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Sarah Gooding
Automattic-sponsored core contributor Adam Zielinski published a demo today of WordPress running in the browser with no PHP server. This is accomplished using WebAssembly (WASM), a format for a stack-based virtual machine that enables deployment on the web for client and server applications, and Emscripten, an open source compiler toolchain to WebAssembly. It’s not stable yet but the concept is intriguing, as it opens up a world of potential use cases.
The project is available on GitHub and Zielinski briefly explained how it works:
The project uses the wp-db-sqlite plugin to run WordPress with SQLite, as WASM doesn’t support MySQL.
Zielinski detailed some possible applications for running WordPress in the browser, which he said could “transform learning, contributing, and using WordPress:”
The prototypes are in their very early stages and have a few limitations right now. The block editor works but not the site editor, and the sites in the browser cannot communicate with to fetch plugins and themes.
Zielinski is eager to recruit contributors to help build out this vision and make it a reality. It’s quite an undertaking but the benefits contributors and developers stand to gain from having the ability to instantly spin up an in-browser IDE for WordPress are enormous.
“Learning WordPress and writing code used to be separated,” Zielinski said regarding using Stackblitz to create more interactive docs. “Now they can be one and the same. From runnable code snippets to new, svelte-like docs formats, WebContainers + WebAssembly WordPress is an educational game-changer.”
For more technical details on how this works, check out Zielinski’s post and click through to the various demos. The repository for the project includes a pre-built demo that anyone can run with more instructions for building the assembly yourself.
You mean, “PHP Server running in browser serves up WordPress”
Well, in the case of WP Readme – I’ve built it using Astro .js and Svelte and it’s served from the edge with Cloudflare. WordPress is compiled into a Wasm and it’s only loaded on the front-end.
This still won’t fix the fact that the WordPress code base is an absolute mess. Fix the code to be more framework style and then we will talk. Why can’t they just rewrite the whole thing to be JAMStack based. It’s much better this way!
Go ahead and rewrite it, and then tackle the issue of rewriting the thousands of plugin integrations
Then you will realize and appreciate why php is used for CMSes
WordPress uses event-driven architecture using hooks, while frameworks use MVC. Event-driven suits well with the current WordPress plugin ecosystem. No need for rewrite.
I’m a fan of JAM. But you don’t need such a radical departure to fix che absolute mess of globals, inconsistent naming, no classes, terrible database structure that is wordpress.
Hmm. I think ive made a version that runs WordPress in a USB thumbdrive.
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