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Elon Musk and Twitter have been under fire for a variety of reasons in the last few weeks as the billionaire’s takeover of the social media giant and some of his policies have caused backlash from users.
In a bid to make the platform profitable, Musk seems to be preparing to go down the content creation path in a bid to attract creators who will generate revenue.
Elon’s recent interaction with the former head of YouTube Gaming, Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt, has ruffled the gaming and esports scene. The new Twitter CEO asked Wyatt to join Twitter after the latter explained how profitable YouTube’s monetization policy was during his tenure.
Ryan Wyatt is the CEO of Polygon Studios and the former head of gaming at YouTube, where he worked from 2014 to February 2022. With almost eight years of experience at the helm of such a popular platform, he has quite a lot of insights about monetization strategies for content related to gaming.
Musk’s Twitter takeover has been highly scrutinized by the media as numerous outlets such as The Verge have made comprehensive reports on his first meeting with employees in the wake of layoffs resignations. Understandably, his statements about making Twitter a haven for content creators have caught the eye of many.
The above post was a direct quote from Twitter’s new CEO, where he appears to be pondering about getting YouTubers to join his platform to make content. The tweet gained quite some traction and Musk himself replied to it, confirming the words.
This is where Wyatt comes in and, having accrued prior experience working with YouTube, he had some nice additional comments. Remarking on the fact that Elon Musk would have to give content creators a significant Minimum Guarantee to get them to come over, Fwiz stated that the strategy could drive more traffic to the site.
After claiming that Gaming content alone had about 350 million logged-in users on a daily basis, Musk extended an informal offer to Ryan Wyatt to join the company.
Esporting personalities and gamers were interested in seeing what direction the social media giant would take in the future, as the exchange proved that long-form video content might just be coming to the platform. Here are some of the varied reactions to Ryan Wyatt getting the job offer:
While most of this is still conjecture at this point, another big platform looking to get into the content creation game would be quite the news. While the functionality of hosting streams and video creation might not be the focus of Twitter at the moment, it’s important to note that even big streamers such as Ninja use the platform for their regular streams.
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