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Item 7.01 Regulation FD Disclosure.
The following information has been disclosed by our acquisition target, Russell Associates, to customers, consultants, and investors regarding its intRAtrain products and services which target a large, growing total addressable market spanning multiple verticals including agriculture, food delivery, food service, manufacturing, education, and many other domains that require compliance, verification, training, audit, and documentation:
intRAtrain Products & Services Introduction:
intRAtrain by Russell Associates (http://www.intratrain.com/) has been providing results-oriented training, sales, and marketing solutions to businesses in the retail agriculture and manufacturing industries, for over 40 years. Our solutions are designed to educate and influence your target audience (s), drive behaviors that improve sales, increase margins, improve productivity, and lower cost. intRAtrain continues to innovate and find techniques for engaging and educating our customer’s target audiences with the content we create with the objective of building brand knowledge and value and influencing their decisions.
intRAtrain Custom (http://www.intratrain.com/products/custom) is deliverable as stand-alone online training, facilitator-led blended learning, mobile learning, or a combination of methods. It is designed to actively engage all the senses in the learning process. When more of the senses are engaged, information is absorbed more rapidly. Thus, audio, text, video, graphics, and animation are applied appropriately. Using this approach, combined with modern learning strategies of education and interactive tutorial and testing, can result in training in half the time of traditional instructor-led or text-based programs while retention is increased by 75% or more. Also see http://www.intratrain.com/CustomDesign.html
ProdCast Videos (http://www.intratrain.com/services/sales-tools/overview) are effective when used on web sites and on You Tube as product e-detailers, soft marketing, via email as eBlasts and as an introduction or follow up to a sales call. ProdCast videos are used in presenting processes, key product and services features, advantages and benefits that mirror the buying process. You can host the files on your web site, using a link to open the video. Notice the effective use of multiple media, graphics and animations, images, videos, charts, and graphs.
Sales Tools (http://www.intratrain.com/services/sales-tools) are aids that help standardize and ensure the correct use, recommendations, and outcomes for technical and complex processes. That means to explain complex information or demonstrate difficult processes, Russell Associates can develop the tools to “make the complicated seem simple”. To accomplish this, Russell Associates will design and program computerized analysis programs, create graphics or animation to demonstrate processes, write detailed guides or instructions, produce multimedia interactive presentations, or other tools.
intRAtrain LMS and Hosting Solutions (http://www.intratrain.com/LandingPages/LMSInfo.html): At intRAtrain, we can make the solution work to meet your needs, as unique as they may be. intRAtrain LMS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkWyXFtf5_A) can meet your training management needs and deliver and manage training of all types of training – SCORM, Videos, PowerPoints, PDFs, documents, URL locations (YouTube, etc.), and more.
intRAtrain LMS Landing Pages (http://www.intratrain.com/LandingPages/LMSInfo.html) are used to create a secure or unsecure access to educational resources; track and document participation, testing (if needed) and engagement. Each solution is custom created to meet your objectives.
intRAtrain Safety (http://www.intratrain.com/products/safety/overview): Workers in manufacturing and agricultural jobs face unique daily safety challenges. When working in any job, the employer and the employee must recognize the unique factors that may cause safety and risk issues. But they also must remember safety risk mitigation starts with education. intRAtrain is here to help you provide your employees with the training they need to remain safe on the job. Our library of safety courses (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9OE8sN0Oc0) is ready to support your needs today and in the future.
Training Products and Services Demo
Safety Management System (https://talent.intratrain.com/Downloads/SMS_Sell.pdf): Are you striving to have a safer workplace? Looking for tools and resources to help prevent and reduce workplace accidents and incidents? Many tools are available, including training modules, inspection documents, and safety data sheets, all designed to improve safety, but they only address part of the safety needs. Implementing a safety management system (SMS) can help coordinate the resources related to safety while leading to a safe workplace.
InspectiTRAC (http://www.inspectitrac.com/): Mobile solutions are saving companies time, resources, and money and are helping them keep their competitive advantage. Advanced mobile inspection systems are becoming more common as companies are refining processes in an effort to retain an edge in a highly competitive environment. We have developed inspectiTRAC with the features and functionality desired by both the person completing the inspection/audit/observation and by those who are responsible for managing and responding to the results of the data.
Besides the above information, customers can view a short informational video (http://www.inspectitrac.com/Overview/#vid) on the Company’s website to learn more about inspectiTRAC. Customers will find that applying the use of a mobile solution to their current inspections, audits and observations practices will be beneficial. This is an interactive demo simulation that allows them to experience inspectiTRAC Data Collector as if they were using the tablet software in their facilities.
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