First impressions can make or break you and these impressions usually make a big impact on potential clients or business dealings. This is exactly the reason why visual marketing materials such as business card and the company website should be crafted professionally by a Graphic Designer or a Graphic artist.

Who would not want to save money and use free resources available online? Startup companies most often take advantage of free business card templates or free web site only to regret it in the end.

Looking from the point of view of a potential client, would you do business with a website development company if their website badly needs an overhaul; or a company that hands you a business card that was printed from home using free clip arts and templates?

Let’s be honest, if a company can’t afford to have marketing materials done professionally, potential clients get turned off and walk away. Majority of businesses and most people prefer to deal with professionals.

20Four7VA has been providing clients requiring visual marketing materials with a Specialist VA-Graphic Designer that has the right skillset to accomplish the tasks they need done. All our 20Four7VA Virtual assistants have passed our 5-Stage screening process.

20Four7VA’s Specialist VA – Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist have been proven to be capable of providing the following tasks:

Logo creation – creation of the trademark or icon with the name of the company that would be the symbol that would identify their company with a particular product or service that they are offering. This usually is added to the label of their products or services offered.
Marketing materials – creation of the collaterals such as flyers, posters or banners that are usually distributed to consumers to make them aware of the products, services, promotions or campaigns that the company is currently offering.
3D graphic design – creation of design for products, package prototyping & texturizing.
Opt-in page design – creation of design for the page on a website that aims to convert visitors into email or newsletter subscribers.
Landing page design – creation of a web page where visitors arrive at from a hyperlink from a PPC campaign, an email campaign or a search engine ad campaign for the purpose of increasing sales.
Website layout design – create a professional, customized and innovative design for all the pages and sections of the company’s website.