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GoDaddy’s small business plans are some of the most affordable on the market. Regular plans start at just £4.99 per month, while its ecommerce plan is the more premium option at £13.99 per month. 
GoDaddy Ecommerce
£4.99 per month
£7.99 per month
£11.99 per month
£13.99 per month
According to our experts’ latest research into the top website builders, which looked at six key criteria for SMEs – including value for money, features, and customer support – GoDaddy ranked third best.
Overall, the platform has improved its score by 11.6% over the past year, particularly impressing us with its excellent value for money.
Regular deals and discounts are available with GoDaddy, and users can also access the software’s specialist SME packages, such as GoDaddy Studio, which are specifically designed to help early-stage businesses get off the ground.
Below, we’ll outline the various pricing plans that GoDaddy offers, the pros and cons of each, and the top perks that set this platform apart from the competition.
GoDaddy offers small businesses excellent value for money.
The table below shows exactly what features are present in each plan, including ecommerce tools (shown at the bottom).*
*All of GoDaddy’s pricing plans are based on annual subscriptions.
Let’s get the simple stuff out of the way.
GoDaddy Basic allows you to remove all GoDaddy branding from your site, including text, and connect a custom domain. For small business users, this is a must-have if you want your site to look professional.
You’ll also unlock some basic website features and design elements, including:
These features make the Basic plan a great choice for freelancers, as a good way to host a portfolio or CV where you need a slick, professional look without too many bells and whistles.
Plus, the addition of a PayPal button and marketing features is a good way to encourage interaction and early-stage brand building.
But, as you’re probably already thinking, this doesn’t give you a lot of other, nice-to-have website traits that can help your business to grow. As the name implies, GoDaddy is a good way to get your foot on the web builder ladder, but you’ll need to climb higher to get your online business off the ground.
GoDaddy Studio
All paid-for GoDaddy plans give you access to GoDaddy Studio, a design app for small businesses which provides users with a suite of powerful creative content tools.
Put simply, this plan is GoDaddy Basic but with added SEO functions.
This might sound like a small aspect of your online business but it’s actually a very important growth area, crucial to ensuring that you’re ranking highly on search engines and attracting new customers.
You can purchase these SEO tools as an add-on to GoDaddy Basic, but it’s significantly more expensive, so it makes sense to upgrade your entire plan. You’ll also get an allowance of:
While these additions are certainly helpful, they’ll likely not be enough for your business in the long term, as you try to build up a social media presence.
This plan is where users get the biggest leap in terms of website builder capabilities. Along with all of the features included in the Basic and Standard plans, you get:
On top of these added perks, your customers will also be able to book more types of appointments on your website – an excellent attraction for service businesses.
GoDaddy Premium can enable recurring appointment bookings, one-time group event bookings, and service payments, and you’ll even be able to set up text appointment reminders.
Compared to other top platforms, this is impressively generous. If you build your website with Wix and Squarespace, for example, you’d need to install a special third-party, paid-for appointments app – on top of the monthly subscription fees you’re already paying for your website.
GoDaddy’s Ecommerce plan is the only paid-for tier that lets you launch a fully fledged online store. For an extra £5 per month, users get everything included in the Premium plan as well as:
If you’re specifically interested in an ecommerce website builder, GoDaddy covers all the basics – and it also doesn’t charge commission on your sales, which means you won’t be losing out even with a large product inventory.
However, while GoDaddy Ecommerce is also slightly cheaper than industry giants like Wix and Squarespace, it doesn’t have the same amount of features and functions. To find out more, read our guide to the best ecommerce website builders for small businesses in 2022.
Magpye is a vegan pie delivery business. It launched when husband and wife team, Chris and Sarah Fryer, spotted a gap in the growing market for some traditional-style plant-based comfort food. They started serving luxurious pies and mash from a converted horse box trailer at events and venues around the North East, before deciding in 2020 to offer their pies for delivery in their local area. 
Chris Fryer, co-owner of Magpye, said: “We needed a way to advertise our delivery services to customers and to allow them to order from home. We had registered a domain name with GoDaddy, but had not yet created a website to go with it. 
“We noticed they were offering a free 30-day trial of their Website Builder + Marketing tools, and within half a day we had created a whole site with order and payment systems that we were really happy with – it was professional and had all the functionality we needed.  A week later we opened the virtual pie shop and the orders started rolling in!
“Following the success of local delivery via our new website, we realised we could expand the service to cover the whole country. We utilised the tools provided as part of our GoDaddy package to help us to market to the bigger audience we needed to reach. We found the Social, Content Creator and Email marketing features invaluable, and as with the website builder, incredibly efficient to use – enabling us to put our hours into making pies!”
Magpye founders Chris and Sarah Fryer
Yes! GoDaddy does have a free plan, through which you can trial the software and get to know all its bits and bobs before investing in anything more high performance.
In fact, if you’re purchasing any website builder or ecommerce plan with GoDaddy, you’ll need to start with the free plan before you can upgrade.
Not many website builders have free versions available, and GoDaddy’s offers about as much as you can get for zero cost. Besides one website with hosting, GoDaddy Free users get access to all of GoDaddy’s templates, site analytics, and 24/7 customer support.
However, as with many zero-charge plans, you’ll also have to display GoDaddy branding and advertisements on your web pages, and you’ll be unable to create or connect to a custom domain.
We think it’s a good trial option, but not a long-term solution. If you try it and decide that you like the platform, GoDaddy Standard is the best low-cost bundle for small business users.
While we think GoDaddy is a good platform for small business users, and ranked it highly for value for money, there are some areas of the platform that you should take note of to avoid being hit with hidden fees.
Deal expiry date
Like a lot of website builders on the market, GoDaddy advertises a range of incentives to get new users signed up, including some generous discounts for your first year of usage.
It’s important to make sure you don’t miss your plan’s renewal date, so that you can reassess the pricing plan you’re on at the end of the first 12-month period and make sure it still fits within your budget parameters.
Billing cycles
GoDaddy offers you two billing cycle options: monthly or annually. However, one downside to using GoDaddy is that its ‘affordable’ label is only really applicable if you’re being billed annually.
If you’d rather be free to cancel your subscription at any time and be billed on a monthly cycle, then you could end up spending a lot more.
It’s difficult to find out what the exact difference in monthly and annual billing costs is unless you’re updating your existing GoDaddy account, which is why we’ve written them below.
Custom domain
The GoDaddy platform does not offer a free custom domain for users. Instead, you’ve got to connect a custom domain if you don’t want to have GoDaddy in your website’s URL (and let’s face it, if you’re a small business owner, you definitely don’t).
The costs vary for a custom domain. In the first year, it’s free for all, but after that you’ll be billed an additional amount based on the domain you choose.
Make sense? Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a cupcake shop called Tilly’s Cupcakes.
As you can see by the chart below, GoDaddy is our second-cheapest website builder when compared to its closest rivals on the market. It’s beaten only by Zyro (which costs £6.90 per month when billed annually).
However, we think GoDaddy offers slightly better value for money than Zyro, as it has more functions and features than the latter to justify its slightly higher price point.

Personal Plan
£4.99 per month
£6.90 £1.98
Up to 71% discounted with code STARTUPS!
£1 per month for 12 months
(Then £9 per month)
£9 per month
£12 per month
Lizzy Eaton is owner of award-winning events agency Oddity Events. Eaton told us: “When the pandemic hit in March 2020, I felt it was time to revamp my website to make sure I stayed relevant and visible to my clients while I diversified my offering. I designed my website myself very easily, using the website builder tool. The templates available made it really slick, functional and professional-looking.
“GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing service helped me level up my online presence without the cost of outsourcing to a developer or designer. As an owner of a service-based business, my website is my ‘shop front’ and it’s helped me demonstrate my expertise in a way that makes me credible and creative. The customer service team genuinely cares about the success of the businesses that use their service, and this comes across in the calls and communication I’ve had with them.”
Lizzy Eaton, owner of Oddity Events
We think GoDaddy is a brilliant and low-cost website builder, which makes it an ideal choice for SMEs – thanks in particular to the charitably low PayPal fees it offers for specific bookable services.
GoDaddy Standard costs just £9.99 per month and has a generous offering of SEO tools, making it a good way to get yourself online quickly and simply. You’ll need to upgrade to GoDaddy Premium for the more sophisticated website building tools, but the higher tiers are still very wallet-friendly, and will likely align naturally with your business growth plans.
As an ecommerce builder, GoDaddy is competitively designed. There are strong sales features, along with generous allowances for marketing and lead generation, but it will cost you a little more than rival platforms.
If you’re a small business, we recommend starting out with GoDaddy Standard for £9.99 per month. From there, you can upgrade to GoDaddy Premium for larger feature allowances.
Or, you can start out with GoDaddy Free and begin work on your website today for zero charge.
Is GoDaddy a good website builder?
Particularly in the context of its low-cost pricing, GoDaddy is a good website builder for small businesses.
It’s super user-friendly, with dependable support tools to boot, and has made some excellent recent updates to its design and overall aesthetic that have boosted its performance score by 11.6%.
Is GoDaddy a good deal?
We gave GoDaddy the third highest score in our value for money research category. It scores so highly because of its easy-to-use builder that doesn’t scrimp on functionality.
Even with its more affordable website pricing plans, you’ll get some of the most effective SEO tools and some genuinely impressive add-ons. Add to this its zero policy on additional transaction fees, and its competitively priced ecommerce plan, and you have a strong, reliable website builder that won’t break the bank.
What services does GoDaddy offer?
GoDaddy has different pricing plans depending on whether you need to:
You can also make use of specialist tools and packages that GoDaddy offers as add-ons or free downloads, such as GoDaddy studio. The recently released package is a design app that allows small businesses to build stunning, high quality content for use on your website, social media profiles, and marketing emails.
Is GoDaddy free to use?
GoDaddy has a freemium plan that allows you to get to grips with the software before you invest in a paid-for tier.
You’ll get access to all of GoDaddy’s templates, site analytics, and 24/7 customer support – but you’ll also have to host GoDaddy branding and ads on your page, so it’s not a good idea for a professional website. We think it works well for a trial period, however.
If you’re looking for the best free website builder that will suit all your business requirements, read our full guide to the top five free website builders for SMEs. is reader-supported. If you make a purchase through the links on our site, we may earn a commission from the retailers of the products we have reviewed. This helps to provide free reviews for our readers. It has no additional cost to you, and never affects the editorial independence of our reviews.

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