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GoDaddy Inc., the popular web building software company, has acquired the design app Over, and rebranded it as GoDaddy Studio. The new tech solution is designed to provide microbusinesses with a suite of powerful creative content tools.
The online world has boomed post-pandemic as thousands of businesses have invested in developing a professional online presence.
The new package is a great way for businesses that are just starting out to elevate their brands online and create engaging branded content for use on social media, marketing, and their own websites.
Ben Law, Head of UK and Ireland, GoDaddy, said: “In an increasingly digital world, it’s crucial for microbusiness owners to have eye-catching and compelling branded content that helps them stand out against competitors.
“GoDaddy Studio caters to that need by simplifying the process of creating content, and providing all the necessary tools and templates in one place. [It] helps entrepreneurs realise the creative vision for their brand and connect more effectively with customers.”
Our most recent round of testing found that GoDaddy is the second easiest website builder to get started with. Why not jump right in and try the GoDaddy platform now
GoDaddy Studio is essentially a free content creation tool that can be used both as a mobile app or on your desktop.
The app’s advanced image editor allows you to quickly and effortlessly create professional looking content – such as promotions, business announcements, logos, ads – across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
These creations can also then be exported for use in email marketing, or on your own website.
All of the GoDaddy Studio tools are easy-to-use and are built for use by non-designers. There are hundreds of customisable templates and a library of images and graphics.
You can choose to use either the free version of GoDaddy Studio or, for premium templates and advanced photo editing tools, the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing Basic plan.
GoDaddy Studio is available to download for free, or as an add-on when purchasing a GoDaddy Websites + Marketing Basic plan.
The latter gives you access to premium templates, a bigger library of images, and allows you to connect your content to your website domain name.
It also has features for social media and email marketing, as well as ecommerce platforms to sell products and services, and is available as an app on the Apple and Google App Stores.
GoDaddy Ecommerce
£4.99 per month
£7.99 per month
£11.99 per month
£13.99 per month
GoDaddy is competitively-priced when it comes to the website builder market. It costs new users just £4.99 per month to get started with the platform’s Basic plan.
For a comprehensive breakdown of the platform’s pros and cons, read our full review of the GoDaddy website builder.
Our expert research into the best website builders for small businesses found that GoDaddy is one of the easiest-to-use website builders available on the market.
It came in second place in this category, scoring an impressive 4 out of 5. 
The platform is really user-friendly thanks to its design-assisted format and has also shown marked improvement on its design functionality (as the new GoDaddy Studio indicates).
We think it’s a great choice for early-stage businesses and startups, and comes with all the must-have features which are necessary for success.
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