Do you want to be a virtual assistant but afraid of not having the necessary skills to offer? Or an experienced virtual assistant but still wants to excel your skills to be on the top in the industry?

Are you looking for a way to learn some necessary skills without spending even a single penny?

There is always a solution for every problem, stop getting worried about your skills and learn some necessary skills for free. Many sites are offering free online courses for virtual assistants.

From last few years, career growth as a virtual assistant has increased to a great extent. A large number of companies and individuals now depend on virtual assistants for their business growth. At a time, a virtual assistant was considered to help in daily tasks, but now they are known as the experts in their fields.

VA industry has become a proper marketplace having various experienced people in different areas. Competition is fierce, and you need to rise as a competitive virtual assistant to earn some reputation in the market. One way to prove you are competitive has necessary skills and certifications.

If you are looking for virtual training, then you are lucky as there are various free online training courses for virtual assistants to learn more about their field. These courses will help you to get equipped with the necessary skills to be a successful virtual assistant. Here is a list of some websites that are offering free online virtual assistant courses.

Google Online Marketing Challenge

This is a tutorial site that is offering some modules and free courses online to excel your skills in digital marketing. You can learn more about search engine market and other skills related to advertising. You can learn to campaign through social media, mobile and videos. You will learn analytics. You can earn some certification from the site. This site is helpful for you if you want to be a successful virtual assistant in digital marketing.

Hubspot Academy

This site is offering various free course and certifications. You can learn inbound marketing and get certified. You can learn and earn certificates related to Email Marketing. Hubspot Design and inbound marketing certifications are also available on the site.

Quicksprout University

This site is offering courses for beginner, intermediate and experienced virtual assistants. You can learn necessary skills related to SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Link Building and Paid Advertising. You can also get video courses related to Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization and Reputation Management. Video course are free for all users to learn and excel necessary skills.

Search Engine Journal

This site is helpful and reliable for those virtual assistants who are looking for a future in Content marketing. There are some articles present on the site that are helpful to learn skills related to SEO, social media, content marketing and paid search. This site is also offering a free E-book for the virtual assistants to learn necessary tools and content marketing to be a competitive and skilled virtual assistant.

Moz SEO for beginners

It is a free module of ten chapters that cover everything a beginner can learn from. As a beginner, you can learn everything related to SEO. This module is helpful for you to learn and excel your skills to become an SEO virtual assistant. You can learn different SEO techniques and expertise. Learn everything about SEO with the help of this free module for beginners.

Social Media Quickstarter

It is helpful to find out more about social media and email marketing. In its module, you can learn and excel related to all social media platforms. You can learn about all the top ranked social sites. You can have a better start with the help of this free course.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing is very popular nowadays, and people are earning enough from this skill. This tutorial is helpful for Virtual assistants to learn about YouTube marketing tool. It is a free tutorial having 7-part series videos that are useful to know that how to turn your viewers intro customers (also, please read my article on how to find get your first client). Virtual assistants who want to learn YouTube marketing should watch this free video tutorial course to excel their skills.

E-Marketing Institute

E-Marketing Institute is offering free online courses and certification related to digital marketing, SEO, web analytics, search engine marketing and social media marketing. All the course and certifications are free for the virtual assistants who are willing to learn more about their skills.

These courses are helpful and valuable for the virtual assistant to learn and excel their abilities and are suitable for both new and experienced virtual assistants.