If you have more work than the day counts for hours, then the logical consequence is outsourcing. Virtual assistants can do many daily tasks for you. That outsourcing to VA’s is not a panacea, I had to find out for myself. One of the best idea to find them is by searching the best Virtual assistant websites and choosing the top one who offers wide VA services.

If you really want to act entrepreneurially, then you cannot do all the daily tasks yourself. As an entrepreneur you should work on the strategy and vision, but not 100% in your business.

Even though it became clear to me relatively soon after starting my self-employment, I have always struggled with the outsourcing of tasks. After all, nobody does things the way I would. Furthermore, it has always been a great challenge for me to document and communicate the logical steps that are so logical for me so that she can carry out a virtual assistant for me.

But despite all the challenges, there is no way around it if we want to grow with our business. One of my most important learning was that I get exactly the quality I pay for. To find the good VA initially search for the best virtual assistant websites and then review their services by comparing each website. One has the detailed information about the services, packages, etc… in their virtual office assistant websites. Finally select the one who offer the service you need at best price.

The term Virtual Assistant is not as widespread in Germany as it is in other countries. Especially, the US Virtual Assistants are well known. They always have a innovative online virtual assistant websites where we get attracted by their work, website with innovative and responsive design with the best readable content, It is done with the best free virtual assistant website templates. But at the latest after reading the “4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, many German entrepreneurs also come up with the idea of ​​being assisted by a virtual personal assistant.


What exactly does a Virtual Assistant do and which tasks are suitable for starting the collaboration?

Virtual assistants, as independent entrepreneurs, mainly perform administrative tasks for their clients. Depending on professional experience and qualifications, the spectrum ranges from simple research and word processing to project management, support of social media channels and much more.

A good Virtual Assistant can develop together with you to your right hand and thus keep your back in many areas free

But let’s start small!

Giving assignments to virtual assistants is not just for big business owners – quite the contrary: this type of support is ideal for solo and start-up entrepreneurs in particular.

Even if you have to give at the beginning only a few hours a week or even a month – this gives you more time to ON your business instead of IN to work your business.

In addition, you will learn step by step how to outsource and work together with external freelancers. The perfect preparation for the moment when it cannot be done without support.

Typical tasks for getting started are:

Research, create presentations and transcripts

Travel reservations, hotel reservations and scheduling

Include blog posts on the website

Respond to recurring customer inquiries

Still no idea what task you could give? No problem. Take your time and proceed as follows.

Write down what tasks you do during your entire work week. At the end of the week, split this to-do list into:

Tasks that you like and do well

Tasks you do not like doing

Tasks that you do not do well

Tasks that you feel you should not do

From the last three categories you then select tasks that can easily be done online and by someone else.


Have you found one or more tasks that you would like to outsource? Excellent! The first step to working with a Virtual Assistant has been made. But watch out! Do not start right now and hire an assistant. You ask yourself why? Quite simply, the quality of the service you receive depends very much on the quality of your input.

Document the task as best you can. Use text documents, project management tools such as Trello or make a video for more complex tasks in which you explain the processes.

Make sure that the assistant has all the necessary information and, if necessary, access (website, documents) before starting the task. For websites and documents, you can also assign restricted accesses at the beginning and lock them if necessary.

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