Email Marketing

Writer: Suvashis Sarkar Suvo

CEO, VSuvo Virtual Assistant Services

How often are you in direct contact with your target audience? Providing them with quality, personality-infused email marketing on a regular basis will ensure that you are always top of mind.

We’ll create email campaigns that you’ll love!

✓  We help you build an email list of devoted followers
✓  We keep you in direct contact with your email subscribers
✓  We personalize your content so it speaks directly to your target audience
✓  We interact with your audience on a regular basis to keep you top of mind
✓  We create beautifully-designed email campaign templates that WOW
✓  We use strategies to maximize your email marketing ROI
✓  We research the best times/frequency of your email campaigns
✓  We optimize your email marketing for all devices
✓  We educate your subscribers and nurture your leads

What is email marketing?

Your email marketing strategy includes every email sent out to a customer or potential client, whether it be a digital newsletter, promotion, new blog post, or personal message. By entrusting an expert virtual assistant with your email marketing, you will ensure that you stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds, rapidly keeping them informed about new announcements, products, and services.

Why is email marketing important?

When done properly, email marketing campaigns are a particularly effective method of customer engagement, as they help you flesh out your brand, give layers to your business personality, and directly addresses your target audience to build trust and interest. Instead of focusing on the hard sell, newsletters should always include friendly and engaging subject lines teasing the high-quality, personality-infused content within.

What are the different types of email marketing?

  • Digital Newsletters & eBlasts
    A weekly digital newsletter written by a virtual assistant is a great way to strengthen your relationship with clients and remind them that you are thinking of them and staying abreast of their dynamic needs and wants. By stealthily selling within your newsletter, you can share information or news with your audience without obviously selling them on your services.
  • Autoresponders & Nurture Sequences
    Similar to newsletters, autoresponders are a fantastic way of engaging and nurturing with your audience by frontloading all of your early email communications. A virtual assistant can set autoresponders to be instantly delivered after someone signs up for your email list, immediately following-up with these new or prospective clients to set the tone right from the start that you are responsive to their needs and inquiries. From there, we can set up an email nurture sequence that will keep you in contact with your audience, sharing valuable content and information, until they finally decide to become a customer!

How can we help?

We write effective email campaigns and design beautifully branded templates. It’s a service that we get asked for again and again. We offer your loyal customers exclusive access to your expertise, deliver short “teasers” of your blog posts to draw them back to your website, and get them to take action by stealthily selling within your newsletter. The key is to make sure your email campaigns are always running on a regular, predictable schedule. Believe me, once they come to expect your newsletter in their inbox, they will email you if they don’t receive it on time!

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