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David Brotherton of Orlando is the Founder of Vizyoulize and a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. In the following article, David Brotherton discusses the go-to graphic design platforms for entrepreneurs heading into 2023.
The best graphic design software should do more than what was thought possible.
The fundamentals should be there — a focus on editing, intuitive features, and an array of tools — but so should extra features to take design to the next level.
David Brotherton of Orlando says that there should be precision and updated templates and it should be easy for beginners yet please longtime professionals. The best software should keep up with modern technology and needs.
David Brotherton of Orlando discusses below some of the best graphic design software options to consider this year that offer all of the above and more.
Canva stands out among the options for free graphic design software explains David Brotherton of Orlando. The functionality is very easy to comprehend, especially its popular drag-and-drop features, making it an adaptable program for amateurs and pros.
For free software, there’s an impressive array of graphic types to create, and it comes with over 100 million stock videos, audio, photos, and graphics, as well as more than 600,000 templates to choose from.
David Brotherton of Orlando says that there are also pay options ranging from $12.99-$119.99 a year or $30 per person per month.
Serif Affinity Designer
Intuitive features are the hallmark of the latest edition of Affinity Designer. It arguably offers the most flexibility of all graphic design software options, with its powerful tools, Shape Builder, and other popular features.
The pricing is enticing as well. David Brotherton of Orlando says that there’s a $70 one-time payment that provides a lot of what most designers need, plus an option to purchase the entire suite for $170.
Adobe Photoshop
The OG graphic design software option — it launched over 30 years ago — is still one of the best, especially for photo editing, drawing, typography, and the collection of usable effects. Adobe benefits from an aggressive update schedule and innovative support for its web design and mobile tools. Chances are that users will still be uncovering new photography tools years after first use.
Adobe Illustrator
Photoshop’s best friend is also still the best for vector-illustration-heavy projects. David Brotherton of Orlando says that the tools are excellent, especially Free Transform and Touch Type, as well as the Puppet Warp option that lets designers transform illustration portions of their choice.
Released in 1987, Adobe Illustrator keeps up with the pack with more 3D assets support and beyond-helpful tutorials.
David Brotherton OrlandoInkscape
While going for some of the fee-based design software usually opens up more features and flexibility, Inkscape proves that free design software isn’t always second-best.
The vector design tool includes an impressive lineup of text manipulation tools and file support, as well as a great extension option for adding new features explains David Brotherton of Orlando. Inkscape may be the free program with the best quality on the market today.
An exclusive to Mac, Sketch is a highly capable, easy-to-navigate vector editor that comes with an unexpected frequency of updates that pleases iPad, iPhone, and macOS diehards.
Perfect for screen designers, especially those specializing in interface and icon elements, Sketch may be minimalist, but it comes with a big feature and plugin library.
Designed for Macs and iPads, Vectornator has a bit of an artist bent, making it perfect for those who like to experiment with new concepts using storyboard-esque and notebook formats for drawings, user interface designs, and vector art.
It’s free software, but David Brotherton of Orlando says that its one that makes creating drawings and illustrations from scratch a breeze. Vectornator also lets one export work to other software.
A fantastic graphic design manager for professional creatives and small business owners, Eagle is extremely easy to use and organize design and brand materials.
Those who struggle with finding digital assets, including documents, images, and videos, will love Eagle, and assets can be divided into everything from size and colors to rating and formats.
The app comes with a fair price ($29.95), especially since the license can be used on two separate devices.
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