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Academic Speaker | Freelance Journalist | I have contributed to a variety of publications such as Forbes, Tech In Asia, and The Next Web. I cover a variety of topics ranging from fintech, big data, AI, blockchain, to lifestyle and breaking news stories.

If you’re in the e-commerce business, or if e-commerce is a part of your business model, then you need to have a website. E-commerce is the way of current and future purchasing products online. So, if you’re thinking of incorporating e-commerce into your web design, whether you’re doing your web design or hiring it out, here are some statistics that you might find helpful before you move forward.
When designing a website, it is common to fire and forget — set up a simple website, and then once it’s finished, that’s the job done, and all you need to do is update it regularly. However, according to Adobe’s recent polling, 59% of respondents preferred a well-designed “beautiful” website over a basic one, so it could be time to up your game.
Website e-commerce has seen a massive explosion since the COVID-19 pandemic. Most brick-and-mortar businesses are forced to move online and generate or revamp e-commerce platforms within weeks to remain competitive. According to stats, this explosion has caused around 70% of e-commerce sales generated by mobile phones.
You should always include product information and pictures with a product listing. Think With Google says more than 85% of people support this. However, you’d be surprised how many people either forget or neglect to include pictures with a product listing or don’t adequately describe the product itself.
According to Goodfirms, a business/marketing research company, in 2022, the average cost of a well-designed website will be approximately $3,200. To design a beautiful website, you’ll need to be prepared to spend the money.
Google’s internet browser, Google Chrome, has skyrocketed in popularity in the last several years, leading the way in internet browsing, with 65% of the world’s internet users prefer Chrome as their web browser.
This means your website must be compatible with and function perfectly within Google Chrome’s software. If two-thirds of the world’s internet users are using Chrome, and your website isn’t compatible, you’re losing out on massive potential revenue.
According to 2022 stats from the blockchain company SAGIPL, 89% of users with a negative experience with a website — I.e., broken hyperlinks, pages, slow load speed, poor functionality – will shop with a competitor immediately. So it does pay to ensure that your website’s user experience is top-notch. Otherwise, you’re almost certain to lose out to a competitor.
In 2021 statistics from Hubspot, a reported 24% of small businesses don’t have a website because they don’t know how to create or run a website. Nearly a quarter of small businesses are losing revenue because they lack web design skills/knowledge base.
A critical element of small business operations has a smoothly-run website that’s fit for purpose. E-commerce websites are the future and present of buying and selling products — you must spend time and money creating a competent e-commerce-based site.
If you’re struggling to find someone to hire to do your web design, there’s a market gap. According to the U.S Bureau of Statistics & Labor, that will soon be filled by as much as 8% across all industries from 2019 to 2029. So, if you’re searching for a web designer, your wait for qualified people will be short.
No matter your business, an intuitive, interactive, well-designed website incorporating social media that works seamlessly across all internet platforms is necessary. And it would be best if you were up to industry standards, or it could cost your business potential revenue.

Academic Speaker | Freelance Journalist | I have contributed to a variety of publications such as Forbes, Tech In Asia, and The Next Web. I cover a variety of topics ranging from fintech, big data, AI, blockchain, to lifestyle and breaking news stories.
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