One of the biggest hindrances to business growth is task delegation. According to studies, many entrepreneurs, due to lack of manpower and infrastructure, end up taking more than what they can do to their bucket list and this is the beginning of the delay in productivity. One of the best ways to supercharge your business development by hiring a competent virtual assistant online.

Many founders have discovered that in order to be able to grow their businesses, they have to get rid of the everyday, redundant tasks and allocate more time to the bigger picture and the larger mission. You can hire a virtual assistant, freelancer or a specialist for any of your business needs and get your tedious tasks done with lesser employment hassles. This way you get more time to devote to your company’s future.

Here are 4 ways to use a virtual assistant to scale your business:

· Blog management
Blog management is a big ambit of smaller, recurring tasks. Indulging in the technical aspects of blog management can be very time consuming and tedious.

Get all your blogging tasks like content creation, management of blog accounts, content scheduling and planning, content updates, audience engagement, other technical aspects of blogging, all of it will be taken care of by a virtual assistant, who on your behalf shall keep your blog progress going and also track the progress of your current plan for you.

This also helps you analyze your current position and plan to target your audience effectively.

· Social Media Management
Social Media Management for a business can involve managing multiple accounts, posting regular updates, engaging with the audience and most importantly driving traffic to your website.

Social media also brings you to the new ambit of potential customers that must be tapped into very effectively.

This is where a virtual assistant can be of great help as they will plan social media management for your business with you and the rest of the implementation will be taken care of by the assistant. They can also track and analyze the effectiveness of your current plan to enhance it in the future.

· Live Chat Customer Support
Some businesses require a live customer chat support on the website which is real-time and 24*7.

This is where a virtual assistant can be really helpful to you as they manage engaging with your website audience and answering their queries almost spontaneously, thereby enriching the customer experience.

You can now get it done at a lower cost and lesser employee hassles by simply hiring a virtual assistant online.

· Maintenance of Database
Businesses constantly have data coming in that needs to be entered, organized and managed.

One of the biggest problems with data is that it is generally huge, very cluttered and it takes a lot of time single-handedly to manage it.

Your virtual assistant can be of great boon to you as they take off this major burden from your shoulder and save you oodles of time.

· Lead Generation
It’s not at all easy to scale your business with new clients and open up potential avenues. Lead generation requires a strategic approach that is constantly implemented and followed up with.

Potential customers are always on the lookout for a good customer relationship management that is quick and responsive. You can use your VA to manage your new leads and set targets to convert them as it a very time-consuming process.

While your VA is enthused to find your newer business, you can just track the process and use your time more productively.

So whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, a virtual assistant is easy to hire, no contract and employment issues, available in your convenient time zone and are very productive. It’s time to ease your schedule out a bit to be more productive and let a VA handle your smaller tasks.