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It’s a new year, and content creation has evolved and is still evolving. Countless people, no matter their age or stage of life, have chosen to shake things up and embrace their passion by joining the ranks of content creators. Whether you’re a streamer, gamer, podcaster, influencer, YouTuber, or you make bomb TikTok videos, create stunning Instagram art, or educate through social media, the quality of your content has never been more important than it is today. We asked a group of creators what tools have changed the game and have leveled up their content in 2022. Here are 22 tools that are must-haves for creators looking to elevate their content this year.

Nubia DuVall Wilson
Nubia DuVall Wilson is an author, poet, journalist, and the owner of Cielo Consulting, a boutique public relations and marketing agency. She is also a RAINN speaker who shares uplifting and educational mental health, sex, and love tips on social media. || TikTok || Instagram ||
All content creators will need a flexible selfie ring light with a phone holder at some point or another. This one is perfect because of the rubber clip that clamps down onto the edge of tables, desks, and more. For myself, I use this most when making social media videos in my home office, and it is so easy to use. Even though I have good lighting in my home, sometimes I need the light to be slightly adjusted to complement my makeup (or lack thereof on some days).
This kit really is an all-in-one. It’s the perfect option for anyone looking to get started, or a creator who just wants to bump up their equipment setup. The microphone is great, and I really enjoy the inclusion of the windscreen and internal shock mount. Both of these features allow you to get the most clear, crisp audio possible. The clamp is super helpful too, and I love how it can switch from portrait to landscape orientation in a matter of seconds. The tripod is an excellent (and necessary) addition to this kit. They really set you up for success. I love how convenient, compact, and user-friendly the whole kit is. One of the challenges I have whenever I’m trying to capture some really fun footage at an event or when filming outdoors with just my phone is the quality of the audio. This microphone setup was really a game changer for me and resulted in my final edits being much more polished and professional-sounding.
This gimbal is an amazing tool for when you want to capture movement and action on your smartphone – minus the shaking. My kids are ambassadors for an on-the-go plant-based kids’ wipes brand, so we are creating content of them being adventurous and then wiping their hands and face after using this product. This portable gimbal makes it super convenient to record different angles with just a push of a button while simultaneously maintaining a steady image even as the kids go wild!
Paul Marra
Paul Marra is an actor and filmmaker with a passion for storytelling and inspiring people through art. Born in rural New Jersey, Paul realized at an early age the power and beauty film has; it brings together the collective for a shared experience and allows a chance to escape the daily routine. Paul has worked in the industry, both in front and behind the camera, for over a decade and is excited to keep the passion alive. || Instagram || Vimeo ||
The Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro is a great camera overall. It’s lightweight and durable but also produces a high quality image. I can throw it on my gimbal and get beautiful, smooth tracking shots, or I can mount it on rails with a V-mount battery and go handheld with it. Whatever the shoot calls for, I know that I have the flexibility and capability to get the shots needed. Another thing I love about this camera is being able to record straight to a hard drive. I can literally unplug the hard drive from my camera, and then plug it straight into my computer and start editing. Before the Pocket 6K, I was shooting with the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K, which is still a great camera but requires a lot more setup and preparation in order to meet my needs as a creator. Overall, I would recommend the Pocket 6K to any creator that wants the versatility of having a smaller camera while also having the capability of capturing cinema-quality footage.
Check out this trailer I (Paul Marra) shot using Blackmagic cameras.

I love the customization this backpack provides. There are three different types of partitions available, and you can really make this bag work exactly for your needs. Content creators come in many different forms, and we all need to have various items on hand. This bag allows easy access to all of the essentials in a seamless way. I love how comfortable this backpack feels on my shoulders even when it’s stuffed to the brim. I can definitely pack this bag and know that all of my equipment will be protected, and I love that. The back panel is very nice too, and my back doesn’t get nearly as sweaty as it does with other backpacks I’ve used in the past. And the look of this bag… It’s sleek and makes me feel like a true professional. I seriously could not recommend this bag enough.
This SanDisk drive is by far the best portable storage solution I’ve ever used. I consistently use this to transfer over a lot of large video files, and the data transfer speed is like lightning. The aesthetic is stunning too, and the drive itself is seamlessly compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. I’m impressed by how powerful this solid-state drive is while maintaining such a sleek form. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but it is worth every cent for its reliable use over the long term. I never have to worry about losing any of my files.
Olympia-Lyana creates and shares a variety of beauty and fashion content with the goal of inspiring confidence among BIPOC. || Instagram | Knockturnal ||
This mirror makes creating beauty content so much easier. Paired with the magnetic phone holder, this is the perfect tool for filming makeup tutorials. I love how the lighting surrounds the entire mirror so that I don’t even have to think about setting up additional lighting. It’s also great for creating eye-catching beauty content while on the go, all without needing to lug around a ring light. It has a magnetic phone holder, remote control, and seamless Bluetooth functionality. With five-stage dimming, the lighting is customizable and generates minimal heat.
First things first… I could not be happier that this bag is made from vegan leather and from a female-founded/owned brand. Plus, it is so fashion forward and professional looking. It makes me feel like a fancy lady whenever I have the chance to take it out of the house with me. I love that it has adjustable organization. You can truly make the bag work for you however you need. The sizing is great too. There is ample space to fit my laptop, along with other devices, without making the bag feel too packed. I do a lot of BTS shoots and red carpet events that I need to secure video assets for. I used to walk in with a backpack over my shoulder, which always felt a little out of place and sometimes a bit inappropriate for the occasion. This bag eliminated that issue. It’s definitely a splurge purchase, but the quality and use I get out of it is quadruple the value.
I love this camera! It delivers quality like a true workhorse, and the convenience of it being so compact is a major plus for me. I take a lot of product photos and videos, and this camera delivers incredible footage for socials. I think this is a must-have for any content creator who has the coin to shell out. One of the best features by far is the tilt-up touchscreen. It’s incredibly useful for taking selfies or recording video alone. I can just flip up the screen and make sure that I’m filming exactly what I want and that I’m in frame.
This tripod has been a lifesaver for me. Vlogging or making social media content isn’t the easiest, especially when you don’t have someone else manning the camera. With this versatile tripod, I’m not limited to the kinds of shots that I can capture. Whenever I’m out on an adventure in nature or at a super cool event, I can set up this tripod, wrap it around something, secure it any which way, and get incredible content. No more balancing acts, stacking my tripod on a book or box. Being able to wrap these flexible legs around anything truly makes the difference. The construction is solid, which I very much appreciate, and I also love how many angles you can set your phone at. It does not limit you at all, despite its small size. Definitely an essential for me and something I’d recommend to any creator.
Tim Pandolfi (artist name ‘Timmy Swerve’)
Tim Pandolfi (artist name ‘Timmy Swerve’) is a rap artist and soon-to-be podcast host for his upcoming show titled, ‘Everything’s Something.’ He also is a fitness expert and creates workout content for his followers. || Instagram ||
As a creator, there are a few products that are essential for producing my content. This product is definitely one of them. It allows me to record and upload my vocals directly to my laptop. The high quality, crisp vocals make this a must-have for me and any creator that produces content requiring crystal clear audio. The first step to vocal greatness, this audio interface is affordable and definitely worth the investment. Also, the setup could not be easier, especially for those not as tech-savvy. I cannot recommend this product enough.
I really like this one because of how easy it is to use. It’s a USB microphone that can easily plug into my laptop but also has professional capabilities. The audio quality is top-notch, and the lighting element creates a cool vibe. I really appreciate the anti-vibration shock mount as well as the ability to select which area of the microphone receives audio. This has helped me to ensure that a lot of non-essential audio (background noise) doesn’t ever impede on the main audio track for my music and disrupt the experience of my audience. I’ve tried out a handful of microphones over the years, and this one is by far the best one I’ve used so far, both in appearance, quality, and versatility.
I can’t say enough good things about this product. I am a huge fan of all-in-one products – but more often than not, all-in-ones can be letdowns. Not the Creator Tree. This thing puts all of your essential tools and accessories at your fingertips, making creating content easier and more convenient than ever before. I truly love that I can leave the setup exactly the way I want it and get the same results quickly each and every time. No more messing around and wasting time to find the perfect angle. Plus, the organization that this product allows is amazing. They really have thought of it all with this product, and I am beyond impressed with how well everything works together. There isn’t one thing that I can think of that would make this any better. It makes me excited to create content each time I have a chance to do so.
I’ll be using this kit for my upcoming podcast. What I like about it is that not only does it include the microphone but also noise-canceling headphones and the audio production software. It’s everything you need, conveniently packaged together, which ensures that everything is compatible. Anything I do, I like to do to the best of my ability. If I’m making music, I want it to be at a professional quality. I’m looking for the same thing for my podcast, and this kit is helping me achieve greatness in my newest endeavor.
Victoria Sacino
Victoria Sacino is an LA-based social media manager and content editor. She works closely with creators to build their brands and help them take their content to a whole other level. She’s worked with journalists, bloggers, actors, models, and musicians. || Instagram ||
As someone who takes what seems to be an endless amount of product photos, I love this product. I used to spend so much time worrying about my backdrop and how to make it look as good as possible. Enter this incredible product… I honestly wish I had found this years ago. But never again will I worry about not having enough space to get the perfect shot. Now, I just pop these up on pretty much any surface, set up my lights, and I’m ready to go. The black side subtracts light while the white reflects light, making it easy to get the effect that you want. It also folds up compactly, despite its size, and it is easy to store and transport. This product could not have made things easier in regard to photographing, and I highly recommend it to any fellow content creators; truly a lifesaver.
I was blown away by this 18mm lens. I love how it lets me capture some really stunning, professional-looking images right from the convenience of my smartphone, and more importantly, without the assistance of a DSLR. Sure, DSLRs are incredible, and their quality is top-tier – but on certain occasions, a more casual photographer like myself would rather not lug it and its accessories around. This wide lens attaches right to my phone, and it lets me get edge-to-edge shots that capture two times the scene my smartphone camera would. It doesn’t weigh down my phone, but I can feel the quality whenever the lens is in my hand. Sometimes I do red carpet events where video is needed, and this lens is perfect for capturing that and similar types of content. I’m seriously amazed by this product. It is, however, important to note that you will need to purchase the brand’s case and drop-in lens mount, alongside the lens, as all three work in tandem with one another. That said, buying the entire bundle is worth it.
I love this webcam. It works incredibly well in low light situations, while maintaining focus and image quality, which is impressive. I like how the field-of-view can be adjusted from a wide shot to a narrow shot on those days where I’m not feeling like showing off everything in my home. The privacy cover is a definite win for me. I really appreciate the mounting options for this webcam as well. It’s stable and allows for flexibility because you can place it not just on top of a monitor but also on a table or a tripod.
Naomi ‘Oami’ Pandolfi
Naomi ‘Oami’ Pandolfi is a producer, journalist, and social media manager. She spends a lot of time filming interviews, product reviews, and creating social media content for a well-known beauty blog. She also works with various production companies to create and pitch original BIPOC TV concepts and films. || Instagram ||
As someone who has to capture audio for interviews all the time, this product is the answer to my prayers. Instead of having to capture audio on my phone and worry about keeping it as close to the interviewee as possible, this mic makes things so much easier. Plus, I love the one-touch sync feature – it legit syncs the audio and video. Amazing! Plus, it’s super lightweight but sturdy and has no wires to worry about. For such a small device, it really holds a lot of audio – up to four full hours, which is great for me because it means less off-loading of audio in between recording. I love how this works with Bluetooth, which means it can record from a distance. The design is sleek and futuristic. I also love how compact it is. As long as I have this and my smartphone in my bag, I’ll always be interview-ready.
This Lume Cube light is a product that has been an incredible game-changer for me. Instead of having to carry around lights or rely on the generosity of the sun, I can attach one of these compact lights to the top of my camera, and I’m ready to point and shoot or photograph whatever is in front of me. This light works especially well when I have to do interviews on the red carpet or photograph products on-the-go. It completely eliminates the stress of lighting I used to have prior to getting my hands on this product. The battery life is pretty awesome on this light, and also, it’s simple to charge. It can run both on battery and cable power, so if I just plug it in for a few hours, it’ll be good to go for a long time. If you don’t have time to charge it though, no worries; you can use it while it’s plugged in too. They thought of it all with this product.
Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch
I do a lot of graphic design work, specifically with programs like Canva, and this iPad has been a lifesaver. A lot of times, when I’m working on smaller, more detailed / drawing work, being able to blow up a tiny portion of an image on my iPad and having the control and precision of the Apple Pencil is a huge advantage.
This Apple Pencil has become one of my favorite products, especially when it comes to my graphic design work – whether creating content from scratch for social media or recreating a pitch deck in Canva. This pencil has taken so much frustration out of the process and is enjoyable and addictive to use. I love how easy it is to move things around on the screen in the Canva app. I never again want to work without one of these
I absolutely love Canva. It’s really elevated every piece of content I create. Whether I’m making a video outro, an Instagram reel, or polishing up my resume, this program takes everything I do to a whole new level. It makes it easy to create professional quality content without the learning curve of more complex design programs.

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